An in kind donation is anything donated to PHWFF that isn’t cash, check, a credit card donation, anything monetary. In kind donations consist of fly fishing equipment, fly tying materials, food for an outing, lodging for an outing, mileage to an event, donations for fundraising events, etc.

Yes, the in kind donation form can be found online in the Fundraising Toolkit. It can also be found on the Volunteer Corner, PHWFF Forms, Financial.

  • Company/organization (if there is one; it may just be an individual)
  • Individual donor name (or company point of contact)
  • Address, city, state, zip code
  • Phone number, email, website (if applicable)
  • Estimated fair market value of donated/discounted item/service
    • This amount is mandatory to process donation, as well as if the donor wants to write off the donation on their taxes.
    • For noncash donations over $5,000, the donor must attach Form 8283 to their tax return to support the charitable deduction.
  • Description of donated/discounted item/service
  • Donor signature (optional)
  • Please use my donation as follows
    • This could notate that donation is to be used for program/region activities
    • This could notate that donation is to be used for a specific fundraiser
  • Bottom section is to be completed by PHWFF volunteer accepting donation
    • Received by name
    • Please put region and/or program (whatever region and/or program the donation is for)
    • If the donation is to be used to raise funds, the fundraiser name needs to be added in this section.
    • If only part of the donation is used to raise funds, then that specific amount needs to be added in this section.
The in kind donation form may be emailed to If needed, it can be mailed to HQ at:

PO Box 695
La Plata, MD 20646

Once the in kind donation form is received by HQ and if is thoroughly complete, the donation will be processed, and allocated for the specific region/program. The Development Director will reply to the email and let the volunteer and/or donor that the donation has been processed.

Yes, the donor will receive a tax acknowledgement/thank you letter either by email or letter.

Yes, in kind donations are very important to PHWFF. These types of donations are important because they provide much needed equipment, tools, materials, services, etc. directly to our programs and our participants. Secondly, it is important for PHWFF and our 501(c)(3) status to show the IRS that we receive noncash contributions along with monetary donations.


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