Are you looking for NFG best practices and tips?
We’ve got you covered. Let’s start with the questions.
  • Share your URL in blog posts, social media posts, email, and media!  Anywhere you can share a program story online, you can share this URL to provide your supporters with one-click access to your Program Fundraising Page.
  • Associate the URL with the Learn More Button on your Program Facebook Page.
  • Post the URL to your Program Facebook Page with a call-to-action!
  • Use at tradeshows, events, or outreach opportunities to easily accept online donations on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Include the link on approved Program marketing materials (flyers, posters, pamphlets, and more!)
  • Share with donors via text message, email, or in-person using your mobile device!
  • Update the Call-to-Action button on your Program Facebook Page with the new NFG Fundraising Page URL.
    • Go to your Facebook Page on a laptop or desktop computer.
    • Hover your cursor over the “Call to Action Button” – a drop-down menu will appear
    • Select “Edit Button” from the drop-down menu
    • A new dialogue box will appear. Select “Learn More”
    • A new dialogue box will open, click “Website Link”
    • Type in your NFG Fundraising Page URL and click “Save”
    • Click “Finish”
    • DONE!
  • Post the link announcing your portal on your program or personal social media accounts.
  • Pin this post to the top of your PHWFF Page’s newsfeed.
    Note: You’ll need to be an admin or editor to pin Page posts.
    • To pin a post to the top of your Page’s timeline:
      • Go to the post on your Page’s timeline.
      • Click the “…” in the top right of the post.
      • Select Pin to Top of Page.
    • About Pinned Posts
      • When you pin a post:
        • The post will move to the top of your Page’s timeline.
        • A blue pin will appear on the post.
        • Note: You can’t pin a post on your personal timeline.
  • Email your constituents announcing this new feature
  • Develop a schedule to share the link to your program social media feeds when you think you can get the greatest impact.  It’s always a great idea to associate the link with a compelling story, goal, or initiative.
  • Share with potential donors in-person using your mobile phone or device!  You can text the URL or bring it up on your device and provide it to them. The Pages are completely secure and designed for ease of use on mobile devices.
  • Get Creative! This URL can be shared and used in a wide variety of ways!

Network for Good (NFG) is a software company that offers innovative, easy-to-use fundraising software for charities and non-profit organizations.  PHWFF has long used the great NFG Tools to facilitate online giving to our cause and the disabled veterans we serve. 

NFG Fundraising Pages are branded, mobile-friendly, online fundraising pages that attract new donors, increase gift amounts and drive repeat giving.  Through the PHWFF blog, website, and program social media accounts you’ve worked hard to share your stories and inspire your supporters to give.  These pages give your supporters a tailored giving experience with a proven track record. 

A NFG Fundraising Page has been created for each PHWFF Program!  Each Fundraising Page has a unique URL (web-address) tailored to your program and can be used in a wide variety of ways. 

Check out our Best Practices and Tips page for some ideas.

Your NFG Fundraising Page makes it even easier for individuals to donate to PHWFF and your program via a dedicated portal and URL.  Additionally, the majority of online giving is done on a mobile device and these Pages are fully mobile friendly and responsive.

They are a perfect complement to the great stories you are already sharing on our website and your program social media accounts.  Story-telling and compelling content inspires actions – and with this dedicated giving portal you make it easier for them to give online.

Your NFG Fundraising Page is fully optimized for social and email sharing!  That means you, volunteers, participants, and donors (!) can share these to their networks easily with a single click.

Your NFG Fundraising Page is for your program and your program alone.  When using the URL associated with your program, it eliminates the need for donors to note if their gift is for a specific event, initiative, or program thus removing a step for the donor and for reconciliation with accounting and your budget.

Funds donated through your Program Fundraising Page will be credited to your program budget.

An email will be sent to each Program Lead with this document and the unique URL for your programs individual Fundraising Page.

No.  To maintain brand uniformity, a consistent donor experience across the U.S., and ease of administration, all NFG Fundraising Pages, and URLs, must have the same look, feel, and interface.

We have set your NFG Fundraising Page up with a donor scroll.  This highlights gifts made and any dedications, notes, or remembrances associated with each gift.

Additionally, the Program Lead can email to find out donor information should they wish to send a personal note of thanks to the donor.

Your NFG Fundraising Page will automatically generate an email thank-you and receipt for the donor. 

Donor name (if provided by the donor) will be visible on your NFG Fundraising Page’s donor scroll.  Upon request, the Program Lead can email to receive the donor information to send the donor a personal note of thanks.

Donations made on your NFG Fundraising Page will be credited to your program.  If the donor adds a restriction to their donation, that restriction will be honored by PHWFF HQ.

Spread the word!  You can share the URL anywhere online!

Check out our Best Practices and Tips page for some helpful ideas for your program.


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