Learning new fly tying skills with PHWFF Rapid City, SD

On March 29, 2022 the Rapid City, SD program of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing gathered for their regular meeting at the The Outdoor Campus West of the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks. The focus of the meeting was to learn to tie the Circus Peanut Articulated Fly – a pattern that helps participants grow in their fly-tying abilities by incorporating many different techniques during it’s construction. The fly is also suitable multiple species of fish (trout, bass, pike, and more) and will surely be put to good use by the program this summer.

“The determination of all the participants can be seen every class but during this class you can tell they are taking in all the information given to them and are so willing to learn new techniques. As Program Lead, I look forward to watching our participants and volunteers take their fly-tying skills to the next level as well as watching them catch fish the rest of the year.”

Josh Osterbur, Program Lead – PHWFF Rapid City, SD

Special thanks to Clint, Bradee, and Dan for taking time out of their day to help all the participants learn these new fly recipes. Rapid City, SD volunteers do a great job helping everyone improve on their skills.

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