Oak Ridge National Laboratory hosts PHWFF Tennessee Valley

On June 30, the Knoxville and Johnson City Programs of PHWFF gathered at the National Lab in Oak Ridge, TN.

The Oak Ridge National Lab is a multiprogram research laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

This event was a fundraiser showcasing PHWFF participants with exhibits of fly-tying, casting, and rod building.

Regional Coordinator Russ Ambrose spent the day communicating PHWFF’s mission to the Oak Ridge employees, taking photos, and coordinating the event.

Volunteers from the Johnson City and Knoxville programs demonstrated their fly-tying and casting skills to show the employees what the core programs of PHWFF are, and took the opportunity to explain why we do it.

Sgt. Joseph D. Noe, who won second place in the fly-tying competition last year in the first category, was manning the fly-tying exhibit for the fundraiser.

The highlight of this event was the “Mad Fly Competition” where fly-tyers were given a bag of materials and had 10 minutes to tie a fly. The winners were rewarded with tickets to enter into a drawing held by the lab.

Russ Ambrose-PHWFF Tennessee Valley regional coordinator

Ambrose would like to thank all of the staff at the lab for their support in conducting this event and the volunteers who helped. The event was very successful and well received by all.

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