PHWFF Northwest’s Week 3 of the Postfly Tying Program

We had another fun night of fly tying with over 35 people logged into the chat and 1.8K views so far. We tied a couple versions of the Zebra Copper John from Postfly. We also talked about how to fish it using the inventor, John Barr’s, hopper-copper-dropper method to current euronymph techniques. It’s great little pattern and as we receive pictures of the fly tied from our members & viewers we’ll post them to the PHWFF-NW Facebook page.

This week we move on to a hopper pattern from Postfly, called the Orange Sherbert. Used when fish are targeting grasshoppers or anytime as the indicator part of the hopper-dropper system or as mentioned above in the hopper-copper-dropper.

We’d like to mention Programs in NW Region have been planning feverishly to start their own tying sessions. These are set to kick off this month by broadcasting them on MS Teams. If you’re in the NW Region and haven’t heard about this contact your Program Lead and find out when your Program’s small group instruction is taking place.

Finally, we want again want to mention checking on your people and/or assigning a buddy system. Modern technology is great, but nothing can replace the interpersonal communication of a phone call. You know who these personnel are, so give them a call. Find out how they’re doing, and reach out however you can. After all, there’s reason they contacted you in the first place to join Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.



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