The Century Club recognizes individuals and family foundations that donate $10,000 or more to support the mission of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.  We gratefully acknowledge and thank the members listed below who through their exceptional generosity have significantly contributed to our efforts in ‘healing those who serve’.  Please visit the Sponsors/Corporate Donors page and the Grantors page on our website to see additional supporters.

Note: The $10,000 donation may be in a singular transaction or in multiple donations aggregated over time.

2019 Member Additions to the Century Club

Gary & Delores Arabian

Bobbie Bailey Foundation

J. Curtis Boatman

William C. Bullock, Jr Family Foundation

Richard Diamond

Joseph and Mary Dobransky Foundation

Adam Fliss

Daniel  Gandy

Tony Giordano

Lanna Gordich

Lumsden Family Foundation

Harris Family Revocable Trust

Robyn and Doug Hudson

Julie Jones

J. Grover Kelley

Donald King

Richard Martin

John Mason

Peter Morley

Moorhead Family Fund

David Pyle

Douglas Warner & Patricia Roback

Christopher & Deborah Sawch

Jim Scheld

John Grace Foundation

Ron Schuberth

Russell & Joni  Stenquist

Gordon & Elizabeth Turnbull

Peter Welsh

2018 Member Additions to the Century Club

Michael and Kelly Browne

Luther and Victoria Cifers III

Dan Craytor

Jim and Whitney Crosby

Todd and Christiana Desgrosseilliers

Don Garber

Ron Lentz

Mike and Susan McKay

Garry Morfit

John and Karen Ryan

Sandra Spedden

John Wenzel

Century Club Alumni

Marla Anderson

Paul Aanonsen

Ken and Tracy Asbury

Guha Bala

Phil and Pat Balisle

Mike and Linda Barbero

John Bass

Marty and Maura Bollinger

Dr. Jana Brown and Harold Harsh

Randall and Connie Dean

Douglas and Jennifer Dear

Hugh and Carol Dear

Tony and Celia Dunay

Chris and Cindy Dyer

Sydney Ellbogen

William and Carolyn Fairl

Bob and Robin Fitch

Alexandra Fitch

Gary “Shane” Fletcher

John and Carmen Gottschalk

Luther and Sally Grainger

Mr. William Heresniak

Ryan Harman

William Harry

Walt and Judy Havenstein

Gregory and Joy Johnson

Peter and Cynthia Kellogg

Jeffrey and Julie Kinney

Wayne and Gloria Knox

David Lanoha

Andrew Lewis

Paul and Mari Martinez

Donald and Patricia McFeely

John and Lauren Miko

Gerald and Joyce Middel

Ed and Leslie Nicholson

Henry and Wendy Paulson, Jr.

David and Pamela Rives

David and Barbara Roux

Philip Schneider

Mary Seitz

Stephen Smart

Jan Spacey

Michael Stabolepszy

Warren Stern

Bob and Becky Sutton

Steve and Zan Thompson

Dick Verville

Loralee and Al West

George and Donna Wilson

Kendrick Wilson

Century Club Alumni Family Foundations

The Anschutz Foundation

Treasa Moriarty Henggeler Memorial Fund

Rich Family Foundation

Thomas P. Waters Foundation

LT  Mike Adams Fund

Doran Family Foundation

James E. Dutton Foundation

First Cornerstone Foundation

Hot Ruddered Bum

The Perkins Charitable Foundation

Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation

RJM Foundation

Silent Maid

Treeman Family Foundation

Gee Family Foundation