Lawrence KellyVAVS Representative / Headquarters Volunteer

Lawrence M. Kelly (Larry) was born September 11, 1945, in Everett, Massachusetts.  He graduated from Harvard University in 1967.  He was commissioned as an Ensign and served for over 30 years as an EOD officer.  He started his service in Vietnam.  He served in the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets, and he retired as a Captain, US Navy.

His hometown is Hughesville, MD.  He graduated from Christopher Columbus High School in Boston MA.  He went on to Harvard College (AB 1967), and the University of Southern California (MS 1978).  

After retiring from the Navy, Larry embarked on a career with Raytheon Company.  He served there for 17 more years before final retirement. He led a ship design facility in Washington DC that ultimately produced three Zumwalt class destroyers.

Larry’s involvement with PHWFF started in 2008 and continued through 2010 with fund raising efforts to support the PHWFF veterans.  After retirement from Raytheon in 2014, Larry began actively volunteering with PHWFF at the La Plata Headquarters.  

He and his wife Sue along with their sons and daughters have given freely of their time and resources to support flyfishing activities such as the many Two Fly events at Rose River farm.  Larry also volunteers at the local La Plata MD program. 

Since 2019, Larry has served as the Deputy National VAVS representative from PHWFF.  This year (2022) he took on the responsibility of becoming the National representative for PHWFF.  He also serves as the Treasurer, for VAVS Partners INC, a separate nonprofit, that serves to promote volunteerism for the VA across many industry/nonprofit organizations.  

“The time spent serving our veterans has been special to me.  It has given me an opportunity to form relationships with folks who have provided invaluable service to our Nation.  In participating with my fellow veterans, I have come to appreciate how each person has given of themselves, each in their own way, to a greater good.  What better way to live your life than to be able to share some moments of joy with a fellow veteran as we all cast our lines and hope for the best.”

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