Mathew BartlettProgram Manager

Mathew Bartlett is from Kalispell, Montana. His love for the outdoors originated with early Boy Scout activities and his grandfather taking him fishing. Upon graduation from High School in 2000, Mathew enlisted in the US Army as an Abrams tank crewmember and was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas with the 1st Cavalry Division.  

Upon completion of his first tour in Iraq, Mathew applied for the Green to Gold program which brough him back to the University of Montana for ROTC. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Montana in 2009 with Bachelor’s degree in History, and a minor in Military Science. Mathew branched into the infantry as a second lieutenant in 2009, and attended the Infantry Officer Basic Course at Fort Benning, GA just prior to his second tour of duty in Iraq. It was during this deployment that he bought his first fly rod, and began to learn about flyfishing. Upon completion of his second tour Mathew set his sights upon completion of Ranger school, and fell in love with the Airborne community during that process which would result in a continued passion for skydiving outside of the Army. 

When his time in the military was completed, he completed his Master’s degree in clinical Social Work in 2020 and geared his graduate school experience and internships towards working with other Veterans. Throughout graduate school, he volunteered and interned for several Veteran non-profit organizations, and focused his education on the clinical treatment of combat PTSD in the Veteran community. After graduating he spent the majority of his time traveling, skydiving, and working under the VA SSVF program with homeless Veterans.

In 2019, he had the idea to begin to combine the aspects of his military experience, his education and social work experience, and his love of parachute activities and he began working on a project he calls “Sky Therapy” in which groups of Veterans are taken for tandem skydives by other Veterans in the skydiving sport in an effort to bring Veterans together and to expose them to a positive life experience they could share with other Veterans in their communities. 

Mathew currently resides near Marion, MT with his husky, “Twig”. Depending on the time of year, when he isn’t working you can usually find him in the skies above Three Forks or Lost Prairie, Montana, in the Bitterroot or Clark Fork Rivers “losing a fly”, or boarding down the mountains of Northwest Montana.

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