Tim DalyRegional Coordinator, New York

Tim Daly is a retired executive in the printing industry.  He is the representative of District 10 in the Town Meeting of the town of Greenwich Ct.; serving on the Budget Overview Committee and the Education Committee. He is a board member of the Northwest Greenwich Association and a graduate of the Citizens Police Academy of Greenwich. Tim is a graduate of Ferris State University with a Bachelors degree in Marketing.

Tim is a volunteer at Greenwich Hospital for the Intensive Outpatient Program for substance and alcohol patients. He is also a volunteer, Program Lead, and the New York / New Jersey Regional Coordinator for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. Tim started the PHWFF program at the Montrose NY V.A. hospital; servicing the PRRC, PTSD, in-patient substance abuse, in-patient Psychological ward, and outpatient combat veterans groups.


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