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Matt Seymour, volunteer with the Coatesville PA VAMC Program shares a great update about his program below:

We do a good deal of our fishing at Chambers Lake, located in Hibernia County Park near Coatesville. Last night the water looked low and warm so finding willing fish to come to the surface was a little more difficult. Mostly however this is a super place for fly casting poppers and bugs on topwater and streamers in the deep.

The lake is stocked with warm water species, including panfish, channel catfish, chain pickerel, crappie, and Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. Chambers is one of only three Pennsylvania lakes that is a Panfish Enhancement Area, which regulates number, quality and size of panfish through minimum length limits. It is also one of a select few in the Big Bass Program. This makes it an ideal place for the vets to learn the basics of casting and how to strike and land fish.
Dan, one of our local vets, & his three sons
A perfect night for chill’in ……
Thomas, the son of one of our favorite volunteers
Sean has been with us the whole time we’ve been at Coatesville and is a “Fish’in Maniac”.
Ken, our Program Lead, and Jim D trying to figure out what fly to try next
Vets, Volunteers, Veteran’s Services pals, and families – the finest people you’ll ever meet.
Check out the faces.
There’s very little (besides hot dogs and homemade potato salad) we like better than our extended family. While our vets are with us and long after they’ve gone from Coatesville we are family. Our bonding via fly fishing and fly tying is virtually insoluble. Even when they’re gone and hooked up to a Project Healing Waters Program near their homes – we stay kin.
Coming Attractions:
  1. Next Tuesday (6/26) , 11-1PM in the Main Dining Hall – come watch Jim Clark try to teach me some new tying tricks. (It ain’t always pretty!).
  2. Wednesday (6/27) fly tying, rod building in Bldg. 5 bottom floor, 6-8PM. Snacks provided!
  3. Next fishing outing July 10 at Marsh Creek State Park. This will be a dinner outing. More details to follow.
One final note.
We don’t say “thank you” enough to the spouses of our volunteers who routinely keep us fed, fat & happy. Praying I don’t forget anybody – we thank Mary Clark, Joan Penry, Helen Dettrey, Deb Klinger, Maria Ciliberto, and Jiji Nawalinski. If I have inadvertently forgotten someone, please send us dessert to feed 20 for our next Wednesday night meeting so I can mention it in the next newsletter! ; )
Thanks to all,
Matt Seymour
Project Healing Waters
Coatesville VAMC (In-Patient)