About us

Board & Staff

An inspired board and staff comprised of Veterans and civilians alike ensures that our volunteer leaders at the regional and local levels have the support they need to make Project Healing Waters and its critical mission successful.

Board members



Blain Tomlinson
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Guy Schiller
Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees
Brian C. Wilson
Secretary, Board Of Trustees
Mike Wilson
Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Board of trustees

Alexander Mears
Board of Trustees
Tyler Sparrow
Board of Trustees
Sarah Thomas
Board of Trustees
Kendyl Hanks
Board of Trustees
Alexander H. Kenny
Board of Trustees
Elizabeth Trenary
Board of Trustees


John Langford
Chief Executive Officer
John Jones
Vice President – Development
Chris Woodward
Vice President – Operations
A.J. Gottschalk
Creative Director
Amy Milne
Director of Operations
Sarah Holt
Development Director
Alyson Leonhardt
Field Support Specialist – Southern Sector
Cheryl Hicks
Accounting Assistant
Christa Miriashtiani
Field Support Specialist
Jordan Cable
Procurement Manager
Kiley Poole
Field Support Specialist
Larry Braswell
Headquarters Volunteer
Lawrence Kelly
VAVS Representative / Headquarters Volunteer
Tracey Albrittain
Accounting Assistant