Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Purpose. The purpose of this policy is to provide Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. (the “Organization”, PHWFF, we, us, our) policy on the privacy and confidentiality of personal and/or financial information.

Cancellation. This is the original document.

Significant Changes. Not applicable.

Applicability. This policy applies to employees, officers, trustees, consultants, contractors, volunteers or others who hold themselves out to be working for, or in conjunction with, the Organization, including all such personnel affiliated with third parties who have contractual relationships with us, our Participants and our Donors (you, you, yours).


We will only share your personal and/or financial information:

  1. In order to conduct our mission in an ethical manner.
  2. As required by law.
  3. In an aggregated form such that your identity cannot be determined.

To the extent that you have provided written authorization to us (e.g. Media Release (Consent for Use of Personal Information and Visual Images)).

We will:

(1) Handle your personal and/or financial information in a confidential manner.

(2) Take reasonable precautions to prevent the unauthorized or accidental dissemination of your personal and/or financial information.

Authority. The Board formally adopted this policy at the 5 August 2014 meeting.