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Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award
Volunteer Matt Seymour checks in with a great update from the Coatesville VAMC Program in our Pennsylvania Region below:

This was one of those special nights. Ten vets came to spend their evening with us. Two were on their way home and one came back after being with us last fishing season. It’s always that strange mixture of joy (for the vets leaving), apprehension for their success back in the world, and sadness about seeing good people leave our family. Its a wonderful mixed. For me its like watching an adult child go to college away from home. Its hard to explain.
Nine of our participants were tying flies, and one started building his rod with our builders, Ken Leung, Jack Mc Fadden And Charlie Green. We are so fortunate to have these three on hand. Building a rod is the program vet’s equivalent to (pardon me ladies) birthing a child. Certainly not as painful but a whole lot of work, planning, joy in creation and learning a new craft.
The  rest of us tied flies. I saw wooly buggers, CK Nymphs, poppers, stripped quill olives, and gold ribbed hare’s ears. The guys tying poppers seemed to be having waaaay too much fun. (I’m always suspicious of floaties!)
Mr. T is one of our better tyers. Almost caught him in a smile.
Maria, Jim And Bobby
Snuggs was bored

The Popper Guys with Jim D
Wooly’s in Progress
Ken & The Leprechaun
Close Inspection of Rod work !
Willy has tried to class up our act for years; we think he’s  giving up!
Dave hooking up our departing vets with Programs near their homes!
Ed & Justin
Jim explains how to divest a rooster of it saddle feathers.
Return of the Bass Assassin
A Thought 
Most of us will be surrounded by family, good food, and warm relationships this weekend. Many of our Vets may not be. Their time with us is precious – to them certainly, but maybe even more to us. They want what we do: to be part of a family that cares. This week is perfect time to ask each of you to consider opening yours hearts and your wallets just a little bit more to bring a little more family to Coatesville.
So many have been so good to us, Chuck, Chas, Lorenzo, VFTU, all our volunteers, Jerry, Jake, VAVS, Mark, MLFT, DJL, Terry, VFW and so many more. Everybody who receives this note has opened their hearts to us. We are so grateful. Don’t forget us in your plans for this new season. You can help.
This Coming Week
1. Tying Tuesday in the Main Dining hall from 11-1PM
2. Regular Wednesday night gathering; this week we’ll add some casting lessons! 6-8 PM, Bldg. 5.
Stay current with the Coatesville, PA VAMC Program by following them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ProjectHealingWatersCoatesvilleVAMC/