And the winners of the 12th Annual 2-Fly Tournament are….

The 12th Annual 2-Fly Tournament was a remarkable weekend of community, fellowship, remembrance and inspiration.  New friends and old soaked in the warm weather, bountiful sunshine, and great tournament action this past weekend in support of our cause at Rose River Farm.   The 2-Fly Tournament continues to provide vital support for our cause and to both celebrate and raise awareness for the remarkable contributions made by our supporters and volunteers towards the recovery and rehabilitation of those who have made great sacrifices in the service of our nation.  .  Click here to view the #PHWFF2Fly stream on Twitter

The 2-Fly Tournament action took place on Sunday with 12 PHWFF veteran participants paired with top industry guides for a fun, competitive day of angling (the guides focus on assisting their veteran team members and do not fish).   As the tournament name implies, only two barbless flies (of any convention pattern) per competitor were allowed to be fished throughout the duration of the tournament.  That makes for a total of only 4 flies to be used by each team!  Despite this fun challenge, bent rods accompanied by celebratory hollers echoed up-and-downstream throughout the day as the veterans competitors connected with countless rainbow and brook trout.  But there’s a twist in the tournament, it’s not the number of fish caught but rather the number of fish selected by each team to be tallied for the score board.  The scoring rules allow for each team to select three (3) trout to measure during the day (with all trout not selected for measurement/scoring to be released immediately, preferably without removing them from the water) adding a fun twist to the competition.  Great fun and fishing was had by all 12 teams as guide and veteran worked in-tandem to fool and battle the watery inhabitants of the Rose River.  And now, we are delighted to introduce the winners of the 12th Annual #PHWFF2Fly Tournament to you:



Gary Herber , U.S. Army and Guide Kiki Galvin

Specialist Crystal Woolen, U.S. Army and Guide Rob Snowhite




Charles Howdyshell, U.S. Marine Corps and Guide Harold Harsh

David Headly, U.S. Army and Guide Keith Tanner


Greg Johnson, U.S. Navy and Guide Rich Farino

Kyle Chanitz, U.S. Army and Guide Jason Baker

Our congrats to all of the veteran competitors for their angling prowess and the many incredible trout caught throughout the weekend. Many thanks to all of the guides who donated their time and talents towards making this incredible tournament so special and such fun.


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