Cast a Lifeline: Virtual Program Meeting Resources

We are pleased to announce a special new resource page aimed at providing you with opportunities to join and host virtual Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing program meetings.

With in-person program activities temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our programs are hosting virtual meetings on Program Facebook Pages, YouTube, and Messenger Video Chats to stay connected. Our new resource page will highlight virtual opportunities, empower programs and hosts with the resources they need, and, most importantly, keep us all connected.

“Fortunately, we can safely and effectively conduct our core program activities like fly tying and fly rod building in a virtual environment, says CEO & President Todd Desgrosseilliers, “These virtual programs rekindle and build community by creating hope and happiness where there may be feelings of isolation, loneliness and fear.  Through these core program activities, we continue to provide physical and emotional recovery, encourage engagement, and extend our community where our participants can heal. We should never forget that we are stronger together.”

As this can be a particularly vulnerable time for veterans who are suffering, we remain focused on providing them with a continuum of care and a supportive community during these uncertain times. Join us as we cast a lifeline to our Nation’s disabled veterans through virtual program meetings. Just visit to get started


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