We provide the lifeline that connects disabled veterans with our volunteers and programs in a long-term healing relationship.  Our programs and volunteers strive to serve those who have made great sacrifices in their service to our great Nation through offering on-going, year-round support, classes and outings. It is much more than a one-time fishing trip.  Watch the short video below to see all that we accomplished in 2019.

With your support, we can continue to serve the thousands of wounded, ill, and injured active duty military and disabled veterans and provide them with the support they need on their journeys to recovery.

“PHWFF is mainstay of life for me. The challenges of the program help me to rise above my issues and drives me to make it better for all disabled veterans. Working with volunteers helping them to reach others is paramount to me. PHWFF has re-centered me during some of the darkest periods of life. The contribution and difference made by sharing fellow veterans the beauty of fly fishing gives them a piece of me. That connection with them means everything to me” – U.S. Navy Veteran


Nationwide Programs: 230

Disabled Veterans Served: 8,593

Volunteers: 3,751

Volunteer Hours: 277,256

Fly Tying Classes: 5,072

Fly Rod Building Classes: 1,552

Fly Casting Activities: 1,685

Fly Fishing Educational Classes: 1,699

Fly Fishing Outings: 1,694