Ray Babineau recognized with the Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award

The Board of Trustees of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) takes great pleasure in presenting the Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award to Ray Babineau for his dedicated and inspiring service to the disabled service¬men and women of his Region

Ray started his involvement as a volunteer in the regular fly-tying sessions at Fort Eustis in 2008. It was apparent from the beginning Ray exhibited the skills, knowl­edge, drive, and passionate commitment to grow the program. In time it became clear that his leadership would propel him into the Program Lead position at Fort Eustis. With his tireless efforts he ran the Hampton VAMC and planned the Tidewater outdoor sessions, assuring that all details were exact and within budget constraints.

Ray has combined the tools of organization and teaching skills with the ability to provide funding for PHWFF. Ray has incorporated the need for administrative, budgeting, and guidance skills for the disabled. This included the organization of training sessions with PLs, APLs and DRCs. This program involved regional and multi-regional participants and furthered the understanding and need to establish strong and well run programs. As a fund raiser and RC he quickly developed a sound relationship with key foundations, individuals, and corporations who provide consid­erable funding for the region. His involvement has provided in excess of $120,000, a fund that continues to grow. This effort combined with his skill at grant application has benefited PHWFF and has ensured a strong and viable program. His leadership and understanding of the importance of growth has expanded the pro­grams in Virginia to all major VA centers as well as the majority of CBOCs which have active PHWFF programs.

ray-babineauRay Babineau’s leadership has had a profound and remarkable effect on all who have come to know Ray. In keeping with the highest of standards set by this award, the Trustees of PHWFF are very proud to recognize him for his tremendous accom­plishments and Exceptional Leadership.

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