The Story of Joe Humphreys: American Icon and PHWFF Supporter

9dd451a3-dd57-4371-9a96-ae78f42280f1We’re pleased to share a beautifully filmed trailer for the upcoming documentary film “Live the Stream: The Story of Joe Humphreys.” Joe has long been a friend and supporter of our cause – sharing his incredible knowledge and passion with veterans participants yearly during outings in his home state of Pennsylvania and as a special guest at our Annual 2-Fly Tournament in Virginia. Part of this documentary was filmed on Penn’s Creek at a PHWFF outing: capturing Joe doing what he does best: teaching and sharing his love of fly fishing.

Here’s how the filmmakers describe this wonderful documentary and man:

“This documentary tries to keep up with Joe “Hump” for one year both on and off the stream as he inspires first-timers and professionals alike to better their fly fishing techniques in the splendor of nature. It’s a relatable and moving story of youthfulness in the heart of life’s progression, a film that explores the significance of family and community foundations and the idea that water can be a healing resource for anyone that steps in the stream. Even if you know nothing about fly fishing there’s something for everyone in this endearing documentary because for Joe, fly fishing is a lifeline. It’s not about the size of the fish that he catches. Whether big or small, each one holds a varied beauty. This is “Hump’s” guide to fly fishing and it’s proof that if you follow a dream for an entire lifetime it can come true. What drives Joe? Why does he love fly fishing? How does he continue to master the sport, and what importance does he see in passing it on? This is the Joe Humphreys’ story of “Live The Stream.”


Live The Stream will feature Joe’s volunteer work with PHWFF. Both Joe and the filmmakers believe in, and support the mission of PHWFF.  To learn how you can support its production please  visit

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