WATCH: The Brothers Trow | Silver Kings (full episode)


 This special episode of Silver Kings features long-time Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing champions, volunteers, and friends: Brian and Colby Trow.  

The Silver Kings episode, dubbed “The Brothers Trow,” highlights these two twin brothers from Virginia who grew up with fly rods in hand and a special trip to the Florida Keys that takes them back to a place they haven’t seen since they were young kids. You can watch the full episode below!

Renowned for their saavy in both business and angling, the Trow brothers are the owners of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing and co-hosts of our annual Mossy Creek Invitational.  In 2017, the Board of Trustees of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing was proud to bestow our highest and most prestigious award, the Patriot Award, to Mossy Creek Fly Fishing, and the Trow Brothers, for tireless and extraordinary service to PHWFF and to those wounded warriors and disabled veterans whom this organization serves.  The Trows and their organization have not only met, but have far exceeded, the highest standard of this award.  In addition, Brian Trow has been an active member of the PHWFF Board of Trustees for three years and authored and taught the casting curriculum for the first volunteer certification course.  Brother Colby, as a Board Member for the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA), continues to advocate for the mission of PHWFF and its contributions to the fly fishing industry.  Read more:  Mossy Creek Fly Fishing receives The Patriot Award for their extraordinary service


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