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Volunteer leader Matt Seymour of the Coatesville, PA VAMC Program provides us with a much needed second chapter, and some closure, to last weeks post:  Coatesville Project Healing Waters Gearing Up For A Showdown With CARPDADDY

I twish all of you had been at Kurtz’s Fish Hatchery with us last Wednesday evening. It was a doozy!
Somewhere out of the depths a massive carp reappeared about 6:45 PM, this time tail hooked and furious. Lots of advice from those of us who never hooked a big carp. Unfortunately our words of wisdom didn’t yield the leviathan. Son of Carp Daddy, guestimated at about 20-25 lbs. released himself after about 45 minutes of furious tail shakes. He was tagged in the caboose and after beating the daylights out of the two fisherman who battled him, worked a hole big enough around the hook point to escape. We only got momentary glances at his tail (BIG) and snout (AnGRY). before he vanished back into the deep. (Play Jaws theme here: https://youtu.be/ZvCI-gNK_y4)!
The great thing about Kurtz’s Pond is the wide variety of fish we catch – and I suppose the wide variety of vets that are catching them:
Toward the end of the evening our vets from bldg. 8b presented us with a wonderful token of their appreciation and our friendship. We love these vets and so will you!
Important Stuff
  1. We will be tying in the Main Dining Hall at VAMC on Tuesday June 27th from 11 am until 1 pm. Call me at 484-678-1652 if you’d like to join me.
  2. We’ll have our weekly schedule fly tying session on Wednesday, June 28th in Bldg. 5, first floor, from 6-8PM. We need mentors for our vets who want to participate in the 2017 Project Healing Waters Annual Fly Tying Contest. It would be wonderful if one of tour friends from MLFT or Dame Juliana League would like to make that commitment. contact Ken VanGilder for details (610) 833-3748.
  3. We’re gearing up for Carpageddon III at Kurtz’s (http://kurtzlivebaitvending.com/?page_id=51) on July 5th from 4:30 to 8:00pm . There will be a picnic dinner and fishing contest with prizes. No spinning rods need apply! We need judges for the contest. if you can help us (and haven’t already called) please contact Ken VanGilder for details (610) 833-3748.
Come and get the kick out of summer you’re missing! Thanks!
Matt Seymour