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Volunteer Matt Seymour of our Coatesville, PA program checks-in with an update from this great program in our Pennsylvania Region below.  You can stay in touch with the PHWFF Coatesville, PA Program by following their Facebook Page at

Things perked up a bit this past Wednesday. Must be the daylight at our starting time of 6PM had something to do with our attendance: we had 8 vets on board with thirteen volunteers. Ken VanGilder even took advantage of the weather to give some casting lessons for those who still believe the groundhog!
Our guest was Coatesville local Tom Janukowicz who introduced us to the ingenious art of Hemingway’s Stoneflies and Caddis. Tom’s a great tyer and demonstrated a fantastic array of tying items from Hemingway’s, who, fo over a decade has been known for its extremely accurate fly tying parts. Tom is a distributor for Hemingway’s ( but more importantly a supporter of our work at the Vet Medical Center here in Coatesville. We had a blast watching and learning.


In addition to Tom’s presence, Jim Clark, Jim Dowd, Paddy Moffit, Bob Klinger, Ed Penry, Charlie Green, Jack McFadden, and Zack Taylor helped our vets ty some beauties:
We also said farewell to to our buddy Will who has been a faithful attendee for a couple of months. Will went home with a fly tying kit and fly rod and reel through the generosity of supporters like you! Next step for Will – getting hooked up to a Project Healing Waters Program near his home! In this particular mode we catch vets, but try to never release them!
A final photo. This is a new tyer, first time visitor, Greg. This is the response we’re always looking for when a new vet is introduced to us. All our contributors own a part of this. Bless you all!
(Special thanks to Chris Ricciuti for the pis in his week’s newsletter!)
Coming Attractions
1. Tying/recruiting in the Main Dining Hall next Tuesday from 11:00 -13:00. If you’d like to join us , contact me at 4984-678-1652.
2. Regular weekly meeting , Wednesday 3/20 from 18:00-20:00. Blg. 5 ground floor.
3. March 23 VFTU Trout Show: