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Before we dive into this, the man who made this whole event happen must be credited: Adam Fliss, thank you for your vision, efforts, and commitment to our Veterans. You serve as an example to us all!

Project Healing Waters, alongside Montana’s Stock Farm Club, hosted a wonderful and impactful Cast & Blast event in April in the Bitterroot Valley. The event paired 13 PHW Veteran participants alongside 13 donor guests for fishing on the Bitterroot River and busting clays in the foothills of the Sapphire Mountains at Stock Farm Club’s Godchaux Shooting Centre.

From wonderful meals, to fly fishing, to clay-shooting, and the camaraderie and connectedness at the core of it all, it was a spectacular event. Here are some words from CEO John ‘Saint’ Langford and Chairman of the Board Blain Tomlinson regarding the gathering, complemented by photography from Stock Farm staff and a great video of the fishing day by Veteran participant Sue Kerver.

It goes without saying that we are all thoroughly excited for the next rendezvous at Stock Farm. Our sincerest heartfelt thanks to the Stock Farm Club, Adam Fliss, and our donor guests for making this all possible. See you next time!

The opportunity for our Veteran participants and donor guests to take part in the Stock Farm weekend could not have happened without the generous contributions and coordination of Adam Fliss.  I am certain it will be an experience long remembered.  The accommodations, the food, and the hospitality of the Stock Farm team was simply world class.  The generosity that our donor guests displayed in providing the opportunity was matched by their authentic interest in learning more about our mission, and most importantly, connecting with our participants, on the water and around the table.  I watched genuine relationships develop, and that is such an important part of the journey of healing – the connectedness and camaraderie. For me as the CEO, being able to get to know so many of our amazing participants, fish with them, laugh with them, and listen to their stories is the most meaningful part of my role.  Many thanks again to Adam, our Board Chair Blain Tomlinson, Board Trustee Kendyl Hanks, RADM Jim Hancock, USN (Ret.), the entire Stock Farm staff, the outstanding guides, our generous donor guests without whom this event would not have happened, and our incredible volunteers and Veteran participants. Looking forward to Stock Farm 2024!

John ‘Saint’ Langford
CEO, Project healing Waters

I’d like to first thank Adam Fliss for arranging such an amazing place to introduce new friends and supporters to Project Healing Waters.  The Stock Farm is a Montana treasure and arguably has some of the best food in the State.  To our donors, who made it possible to share this magical experience with 12 of our Veteran participants, thank YOU from the bottom of my heart.   It’s through these relationships that touch the heart we bring about more healing and resilience to our participants and ourselves.  Having the honor to introduce RDAM Jim Hancock, MD, as our new Chief Medical Advisor and hearing his story and healing journey is an experience I’ll never forget.  His brilliance, resilience, leadership, and humility are inspirational.  Every donor that was present shared the same characteristics. I’m truly blown away by the caliber of human beings that embrace our mission and are willing to spend their time and money helping us assist Veterans on their healing journey through the sport that we all love.  Although I only heard about how the fishing was, I can attest to the beauty of the Bitterroot River and how much fun the famous ‘Root Skwala hatch’ can be.  I’m already excited and looking forward to the 2024 Stock Farm Event.

Blain Tomlinson
Chairman, PHW Board Of Trustees