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Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award

We are pleased to announce that Diane Wantz is the 2020 Recipient of The Bill Scattergood Volunteer Leadership Award! As program lead for the Willoughby, Ohio Program of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Diane has demonstrated a unique form of spirted leadership and brought healing and camaraderie to the veterans of her community. The challenging events of 2020 would cause many to waver, but Diane used it to energize her ideas and efforts. The programs virtual fly tying sessions and “Sling Pack Socials” have become weekly staples in the lives of Willoughby, OH participants.

Diane is the type of leader that presses forward in challenging times and optimistically looks ahead. This was the type of leader Bill Scattergood was for our organization and Diane’s efforts stand to be recognized. She has set a great example for how to build, and engage, a collaborative team that is a model we should aspire to!

Jeff Reinke, PHWFF Midwest Regional Coordinator

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and its Midwest Region are proud bestow The Bill Scattergood Volunteer Leadership Award to Diane Wantz for her dedicated and passionate commitment to our organization and the disabled veterans it serves.

The Bill Scattergood Volunteer Leadership Award was established as an annual award presented to a volunteer from the Midwest Region of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. The award acknowledges an individual’s volunteer leadership and commitment to our disabled veteran participants. Bill Scattergood’s accomplishments as a volunteer for the Midwest Region epitomized exceptional leadership and served as the basis for creating this award. Bill was tragically killed in an automobile accident while en route to a PHWFF program outing in 2018. Each year, PHWFF Leadership along with the Scattergood family will present the award to a regional volunteer selected by the Midwest Regional Coordinator who best exemplifies Bill’s leadership traits and principles.

Bill Scattergood represented many different things to many different people. A few words stand out when thinking about him. Bill was a person you could always depend on, whether it was work, family, or friends, he was always there for you, and willing to lend a helping hand. Bill was generous and the kind of man that would give a less fortunate stranger the shirt off his back. He was very humble and enjoyed the simple things in life. Bill was determined to make you smile, and, if he could, went the extra mile to make you laugh. Bill was the kind of man that would stand with enthusiasm on the sidelines and cheer.

Jenie Scattergood, Daughter

The 1st Annual Bill Scattergood Volunteer Leadership Award was presented to Rich Lobianco in 2019. Rich is one of a group of individuals who started the Indianapolis, Indiana PHWFF program. Rich started as a volunteer and in time, eventually became the Program Lead. This led to Rich becoming the Midwest Regional Coordinator. He was instrumental in the growth of the program and increased the presence at the VAMC which increased the number of participants to include female involvement both as volunteers and participants. In addition to attending to operations with the Indy Program, he has worked tirelessly attending fund raising , fishing shows, American Legion Regional Seminars and attending VAMC open houses. Recently, Rich began his transition to full retirement and scaled back the number of hours and visits. Although he stepped down as Regional Coordinator he continues to offer guidance and mentorship while working silently in the background to heal those who serve.

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