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Nathan C. Rudolph, the Program Lead for our Grand Junction, Colorado program, shares his experiences and images from a special trip he led to Three Forks Ranch below. This amazing trip took place on June 5-9, 2018.

Allison Pratt and the employees of Three Forks Ranch (TFR) are a phenomenal group of people who treated myself and my fellow disabled veterans like family. It was amazing, how the staff worked with the disabled veterans and provided them a true healing experience. I will forever be grateful to Allison and her crew for the care and love they showed to all of us. There was not a detail was over looked.

Upon arrival the PHWFF group was greeted by Allison and introduced to their personal fly fishing guide. Everyone was provided with a situation report and safety brief, covering all material to include conduct. Upon completion of the brief and signing of appropriate paperwork, the veterans were released to their guides for some afternoon fly fishing.

The accommodations that were provided for the PHWFF group were luxurious to say the least. Two disabled veterans were assigned to a room that provided a spacious living area, huge walking shower and king size beds. Upon entering their rooms each disabled veteran was welcomed by a Three Forks Ranch ball cap and a personalized welcome card.

The meals provide were… Well let’s just say I gained some weight even with running around checking in on my fellow disabled veterans throughout the day. At the end of every meal we were provided a menu they could select from for the next meal. Dinners were a three course affair, starting with appetizers, moving to the main dish and finally ending with a made to order dessert. Breakfast was also phenomenal, with the cooking staff falling in love with us and making whatever we would like. Lunch was also not to be missed, as the food and goodies was heaped on us. All while enjoying the breath taking views, fresh air and the wild life. One morning we were even treated to a small fawn playing and chasing the geese and ducks by the pound. Other numerous wild life sightings were common as the elks were calving during our stay.

The fishing was amazing to say the least, even though nobody made the 25 inch club there were plenty of fish landed that were close to the mark. Each disabled veteran, myself included were assigned our own personal guide for the week. Each disabled veteran even had their own stretch of river! Yes you heard right, the guides were assigned to areas everyday to ensure each veteran had their own personal experience. Except for the last day, as we all decided to load up in the side-by-sides and tow boats up to a high mountain lake on the property. Lunch and drinks were packed for us and we were off to catch monster brook trout.

At the last breakfast everyone was given a picture book and zip drive with their photos courtesy of the ranch. We were also were given another treat as local businessmen that had spoken to the group made a donation to PHWFF upon their departure.  With handshakes, hugs and some tears shared, we all headed our separate ways.

It was a honored and a privilege, to be selected as the Outing Leader and lead this group of fellow disabled veterans to Three Forks Ranch. The staff of Three Forks Ranch treated us all as if we were family and made us feel at ease. Allison is a pleasure to work with and has all the bases covered, I can’t say enough about this place and the crew!