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Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award

The Board of Trustees of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) takes great pleasure in presenting the Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award to Eddy Wittry for his dedicated and inspiring service to the PHWFF Rocky Mountain South Region and to the Denver Program’s participants and volunteers from 2012 to 2019.

First as a volunteer and then the Program Lead for the Denver Program, Eddy created, organized, and conducted its core program activities for the its volunteers and participants. During his time as a volunteer and the Program Lead, Eddy consistently demonstrated excellence, dedication, and devotion to the development and growth of each volunteer and participant in the Denver Program. Through his deep understanding of organizational management principles and fundraising, he created powerful teams to deliver the program’s core program activities. His commitment to our Cause inspired all volunteers and participants involved in the program to become a stronger team, to build better friendships, and to create a community where physical and emotional healing, trust, respect, as well as support and care for one another remained the primary goal for all.

Eddy’s unparalleled experience and expertise in all aspects of fly fishing ensured the program’s success. A true fly fishing enthusiast and mentor, he always enjoys sharing his knowledge with everyone. His inspirational leadership and genuine concern for the program’s participants and volunteers exemplified his true character. Eddy knows and understands how the program’s core program activities Рfly tying, fly rod building; fly casting; education; and fly fishing outings Рwork together to build a therapeutic social setting where everyone feels comfortable and safe with one another. He also knows and understands how these activities combine to create a unique community where our volunteers serve, and our participants heal.

Eddy leads by example. The Denver Program experienced exponential growth during his time as its leader and is currently one of the organizations largest programs nationwide. The Denver Program’s sustainable growth and continuing success serves as a testament to his exceptional leadership and remarkable management skills. Eddy’s outgoing personality and energy is contagious. He always arrives at any activity with a smile on his face and his excitement for fly fishing is contagious. He makes it a point to learn every participant and volunteer’s name and is truly interested in their lives. Like a true leader, Eddy always puts the participants and volunteers needs first. He is always the first to arrive and the last to leave any activity.

The Board of Trustees of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. is proud to bestow upon Eddy Wittry the Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award for his tireless and extraordinary service to our organization and to those wounded, ill, and injured servicemen and servicewomen and disabled veterans whom this organization serves.

The Award was presented to Eddy Wittry during The 3rd Annual Broadmoor Invitational by Todd Desgrosseillers, President and CEO of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing