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We are pleased to announce that Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is now on LinkedIn! We invite you to follow our Page and to stay up to date about Project Healing Waters impact, work, and on-going initiatives. You can follow us by clicking the button below.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and a powerful tool that makes it easier for people to discover Project Healing Waters, determine whether they want to donate, volunteer, participate or provide support in some other way. It will also serve to foster meaningful connections with prospective donors, volunteers, participants and supporters.

Here are 3 great ways for you help amplify Project Healing Waters on LinkedIn:

1. Add your volunteer experience on LinkedIn

Volunteer experience looks great on a person’s resume — and on their LinkedIn profile. We encourage you to highlight your Project Healing Waters experience on LinkedIn. This can help you catch the attention of potential employers or partners, while simultaneously getting Project Healing Waters name out there

Here are some easy-to-follow instructions on how to add your Project Healing Waters experience to your profile:

  • Click “Add profile section” at the top of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Click “Add volunteer experience” from the drop-down menu under “Additional.”
  • Start typing in the name of the nonprofit under “Organization.” Select the organization from the options LinkedIn suggests.
  • Fill in the other required and suggested information, including your role and a few details about your duties and the impact your role had. 
  • Click “Save.”

2. Follow our LinkedIn Page

Following the Project Healing Waters LinkedIn Page will allow you to stay up to date about our impact and work. It will also help you expose Project Healing Waters to your network which helps us reach new supporters. 

3. Post about your experiences

The most compelling nonprofit stories often come from the people doing the work! Posting your Project Healing Waters stories on LinkedIn will help to boost your volunteer professional presence — and inspire others to get involved. 

Here are a few prompts to help you to share your Project Healing Waters stories on LinkedIn: 

  • What inspired you to get involved with PHW? 
  • How did you apply your skills to support our mission?
  • What was your favorite part of the experience? 

If you took pictures, you could also share these to help them bring your posts to life. Don’t forget to tag the Project Healing Waters LinkedIn Page, too. That way, we can engage with and reshare your posts. 

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