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On Thursday, November 18, PHWFF Harrisburg program held their monthly meeting and busted out some rod building materials to continue working on their pieces of art.

“Participants are still working on the fly rods they started building for this year’s PHWFF National Fly Rod Building Competition,” Program Lead Glenn Klinger said. “Unfortunately, due to unseen delays in inventory, we didn’t receive our rod building components in time to enter. Now, we are taking our time and letting participants build their rods during our monthly meetings.”

The Harrisburg program is blessed with several volunteers with rod building experience that oversee the meetings and guide participants through each step pf the rod building process.

The night started off with the set up of the rod building equipment and covering tables to protect them from the epoxy being used for installing rod grips and cork handles. After they had things set up and ready to go, the program held their regularly scheduled monthly meeting and went over upcoming events, meeting dates, and discussed future fishing outings for the remainder of the year. 

Participants that were working on rods then went to the tables set up for rod building to work with APL Nathan Wisniewski and Greg Bozovich to begin the next steps on their working fly rods. Participants not building rods sat with volunteers at separate tables set up for fly-tying instruction and worked on tying flies and discussing the fly pattern and tying techniques they would be learning.

phwff harrisburg program lead glenn klinger

The fly-tying kits Harrisburg uses contain enough materials to tie over 20 different fly patterns, and their volunteers instruct the participants on how to tie each and every one.

Klinger said the best part of the evening was watching everyone laugh and smile and enjoy their evening, all while making great progress on their fly rods.

Klinger would like to thank the Middletown Anglers and Hunters Association for the use of their facilities for the event. He would also like to thank all of the volunteers and participants for showing up, helping out, and making the meetings fantastic.

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