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Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award

South Central Deputy Regional Coordinator Mike Schlimgen checks in with a short article about a volunteer training program attended by Program Leads and Assistant Programs Leads in Lindale, Texas

The North Texas Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) Programs, Dallas and Fort Worth, hosted a “Teach The Teacher” casting clinic January 12, 2019, in Lindale, Texas at the ranch facility of¬†John Gibson. The facilities are first class and many thanks to John for opening up his facilities to us.

The class was taught by FFI Certified Casting Instructors Rex Walker and Ted Warren. The purpose of this class was threefold; first, to provide volunteers the knowledge and techniques to teach beginning fly casters and second, to get all of the volunteer casting instructors all on the same page to insure everyone teaches the same methods and techniques and third, to be able to diagnose and correct casting mistakes/problems. Our goal was to improve an already good crew of instructors, and to insure we teach consistent content and technique so as not to confuse first time fly casters and be able to correct any faults or problems that may develop. With these thoughts and goals in mind, Rex and Ted built this class to do just that.

The Program Leads and Assistant Program Leads from both Programs came out on a cold and blustery day for this class. It was an excellent class and we hope to be able to expand the audience and share with the rest of our programs here in Texas. This first class was small but, had a huge impact on all that attended. The first 3 hours of class were inside with a presentation of what to teach and how to teach each specific details of casting. Rex had put together several videos to provide a visual of techniques, identifiable casting problems and what to do to correct those casting problems.


After the classroom portion of the class, we moved outside for some practical application of what we had just learned. Rex & Ted taught us well & it was pretty easy to diagnose ourselves and each other when a casting mistake was made, and what to do correct the error. It was pretty amazing.

I highly recommend this class. It’s important to get first time fly casters started right with proper and consistent instruction and technique. This class will help new programs to do just that and help established programs to greatly improve their teaching skills.

Dallas Program, Jerry Walker, Ted Warren
Fort Worth Program, Johnny Walker, Jeff Guinn, Cody Bennett
Instructors: Rex Walker, Ted Warren