Fly Tying and Rod Building at the Coatesville VAMC

Volunteer Matt Seymour of the Coatesville VAMC Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Program checks in with another great update on the happenings with this program in our Pennsylvania Region.

The group has been engaged in two of our core-programmatic activities of late: rod building and fly tying.

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First, thanks to Jim Clark and Ted Nawalinski for making this week’s news possible! Jim with the words, Ted with the pics.

NINE vets and 12 volunteers! I think we have 4 vets involved in making their own fly rods from kits provided by Project Healing Waters (and from donations from people like you!).
For the rods we ask the vets for a minimum commitment of 6 weeks participation. It takes at least that many 2 hour sessions with Jack, Ken, Ed, and Charlie to make one – with some work in between. The vets are taking this commitment seriously. As a result, especially for the vets building rods, attendance is building.
One of our vets, G, finished his rod and went on with E to work on flies with Dave Riggio:
Maria started off a couple vets with Wooly Buggers:
Jim & Jerry worked alongside T & B who are showing some good moves early on:
1. Tuesday: fly tying solicitation in Main dining Hall 11-1PM
2. Wednesday: regular weekly meeting in BLDG 5 , CVAMC 6-8PM
3. Wednesday January 31st: Fly Fishing 101at Orvis Downingtown followed by dinner at Olive Garden
4. Saturday, March 3rd : Lancaster Fly show details TBD
5. Wednesday March 17: Annual Valley Forge Trout Unlimited Trout Show

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