Anchorage Prepares for Casting Competition

On May 17th Mark Huber gave a presentation on casting for targets in preparation for the upcoming PHWFF Casting Competition at the Fly Fishers International (FFI) Fair during August in Boise, Idaho. Mark holds multiple certifications from FFI including Casting Instructor, Master Certified Casting Instructor, and Two-Handed Casting Instructor and he serves on the Casting Board of Governors.  In addition to the presentation, Mark spent over an hour tutoring participants.

Mark demonstrates a typical beginner casting error

Thanks ever so much for helping participants and volunteers gain additional knowledge and skill in casting! We appreciate your assistance.

Mark demonstrates how to make a long distance cast

The competition is open to disabled veterans and disabled military service personnel actively participating with PHWFF Programs and will be facilitated by volunteer-run programs around the country.  The PHWFF Casting Competition Finals will take place during the Fly Fishers International Fair in Boise, Idaho August 8 – 11, 2018.  Read more: Disabled Veterans to compete in nationwide fly fishing competition

The Casting Competition was made possible by a grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF).  BWF leverages its expertise and collaborative network to find, fund and shape innovative programs that help our impacted veterans, service members and their families thrive. Receiving a grant from BWF is an honor that recognizes the dedication, focus and effectiveness of our staff, volunteers and supporters.

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