Come On April! News from Project Healing Waters Coatesville VAMC

Volunteer Matt Seymour checks in with an update from the Coatesville, PA Program

One of the privileges we have been granted at the Medical Center is the opportunity to visit the domiciles of the vets to recruit new participants. A week ago we got to share some perspective about Project Healing Waters with the building which houses our PTSD vets. It was not a big surprise then that on Wednesday we had 11 vet participants and 13 volunteers.  
We had a blast!
 Ken VanGilder helping the guys with x-caddis
Typical pose. Rich is eating, Jack is laughing and Chris is stunned … Betsy’s cookies
Jim & Rusty
Dr. Clark putting a new participant through his paces
Betsy passing out her killer sugar cookies
Girl boy,  girl boy
Wherever two or more CK Nymphs are gathered Jim Clark is also there
Rod factory!
Going home and will be missed greatly 
Ted creating a fly no fish will ever see 
Wow And Wow
A while ago we had the pleasure of Daniel Miller’s company at Coatesville.  Daniel is an example of the way good things happen to good people. This past Saturday Daniel was honored as Participant of the Year for Pennsylvania. He left here and quickly joined the Harrisburg program where he has been an inspiration and leader. His success is due in part to his friend and mentor , John Killinger. John was named  Volunteer of the Year in Pennsylvania. Good things happen when good people respond to the needs of others like them. These are two outstanding men! Wonderful to know you, guys.
This Week
  • Clark & Seymour tying in the Main Dining Hall, 11-1PM on Tuesday
  • Regular weekly meeting, Wednesday 6-8PM in Bldg. 5 ground floor
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