Friends – Fun – Fishing

e9bb9172-1c58-4619-ad66-30a9c74d0d0aThose three words describe the Friday/Saturday outing of San Marcos/San Antonio Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing & Project Cohort on April 8-9, 2016.

Veterans, and supporters of our PHWFF program, camped out on the bank of the San Marcos River, enjoyed a fried fish supper, told war stories around a monster campfire, and paddled and fished for bass and sunfish.


Also, some big catfish made for a humorous episode, when one of them swam off with a rod and reel, and one of our intrepid warriors had to go swimming for his fishing gear.


We had some first time fly fishers, so Gordon and Scott, from Central Texas Fly Fishers contributed casting lessons and fly fishing tips. They also camped the night and paddled the river on Saturday. Thank you men for your continued valuable support.



The weather was perfect and so are our memories of this inaugural joint venture for our Texas State University student veterans.

A big thank you to Chris George, and Circle G Ranch for your gracious hospitality.


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