Ft. Lewis Program’s Fly Tying Night, 26 Nov 2019

Starting in 2019, the Ft. Lewis Program, moved two of its four monthly tying nights from the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB), to the Puget Sound Fly Company, to allow greater access and bring in guest tiers.

Saltwater Bait Fish Fly

This week’s featured tier was Jim W., one of our Program participants.  He’s a great all-around fly fisherman, but when it comes to chasing saltwater species, he’s the person you want to talk to.  Jim taught us how to stack Enrico Puglisi fibers, to imitate bait fish he’s used successfully to catch multiple saltwater game from the Puget Sound, to Coastal Florida, and the Bahamas.

We always start the event off with chow and drinks and this night it was pizza.  We then cleared the shop floor, set-up, and the session began.  Jim explained what forage the fly imitates, how to fish it, what action the fly displays, and how to reset the fly after reeling in a toothy critter.

It was a fun night and we tied it in multiple colors, but as Jim told us you only need to tie in one color, white.  Once you see what the fish are chasing, pull out your waterproof markers, and color your fly the same.  A saltwater fish lives in an “eat or be eaten” world, so if you like savage strikes and hard fighting fish and have a chance to fish the salt…GO!

Our next event at the Puget Sound Fly Company, will be our end-of-year review and potluck on 10 Dec, 5:30 PM.

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