f27f25b4-7733-468f-8eeb-192c0ef74a99The Fayetteville, NC Program recently held a instructive and immersive entomology class to further understanding the foods fish eat and to further develop insights while tying flies and replicating those foods.

Part of the experience of our fly-fishing programs is learning about the foods that fish eat, so that we can attempt to replicate those food sources through fly-tying. Thursday evening our veterans learned about aquatic organisms during an entomology class. Insects were collected from Lake Rim, then participants identified the bugs and other creatures through the use of an dichotomous key.


From the local warm water habitat the group discovered the larvae of dragonflies, damselflies, and even a mayfly or two. They also found leeches, water boatmen, and freshwater shrimp; all of which can be imitated through fly-tying techniques. Further the group learned about the complete or incomplete metamorphosis that insect go through and some of the characteristics of the organisms that they found. Through this, we also learn how to present the flies to fish that represent these organisms.

Tom Carpenter, PHWFF Fayetteville -Program Lead

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