Jim Buckler and Kouri Wolf Awarded the Prestigious Patriot Award

7a6c8f5d-d38b-4e00-a793-6c8afd22f1d4On the 21st of October, during the Colorado Springs End of Year Celebration, Jim Buckler and Kouri Wolf were awarded the prestigious Patriot Award. The Patriot Award is Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing’s (PHWFF) highest and most prestigious award. It is bestowed upon individuals or organizations that have demonstrated, over time, continuous and extraordinary service to PHWFF as an organization, and to those whom the organization serves. The recognition may encompass different types of support – from personal commitment to our mission or beyond that which would normally be expected, to material support in the form of donations, whether in money, or in kind, that are truly significant. The underlying premise is that the Patriot Award is given only to those who have demonstrated care and concern about our disabled PHWFF participants, military and veteran alike, that far exceeds what would normally be expected from our committed volunteers and supporters.

Jim and Kouri are at the forefront of the Colorado Spring Program’s efforts in Summit County, Colorado. This area of Colorado has become a great venue for Project Healing Waters in the region. This is due, in fact, to the work of Jim and Kouri. Their ability to network with the supporters in the area, raise funds for the Program and support the Program with equipment and resources, has ensured numerous successful events in and around Summit County.

Jim and Kouri’s diligent efforts in garnering support, through networking, could not have been accomplished by anyone else associated with PHWFF. Jim’s ties to the fly fishing community, through his ownership of a premier fly shop, have led to the development of several world-class fly fishing outings for PHWFF. These outings are held is some of the best venues the Western United States has to offer. Jim’s influence with local businessmen and ranchers is something that the Colorado Springs Program deems invaluable to its success. Kouri’s ability to network and garner support from local businesses plays hand-in-hand with Jim’s influences. Together they make an unstoppable team.

They, in conjunction with Jim’s Staff and local businesses, have made the last two annual Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) events in Silverthorne smashing successes. Each of these events has raised an average of over $25,000 for the Colorado Springs Program’s activities in Summit County, supporting local disabled veterans and injured Service members alike. Kouri and Jim’s contributions to the Colorado Springs Program of PHWFF have been truly immeasurable. What they have started, and continue to maintain, in Summit County is a model to the rest of PHWFF and will be remembered for many years to come. The Trustees of PHWFF are very proud to recognize them for their tremendous accomplishments as true Patriots.

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