North Platte Event 4 JUN 2017

The Casper, WY Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing program had a terrific float fishing trip on 4 JUN! The weather was amazing on the N Platte that day, and 9 participants were able to attend. We had a couple guest “first timers” we met through our friends at Hunting with Heroes. Kirstie Ennis, a combat wounded USMC veteran and Brian Meyer, also a combat wounded veteran, were able to join us for the day. To participate with them for the day and see the strength and resiliency they have was truly inspirational. Together with our supporters at Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing / The Ugly Bug Fly Shop, and our local program participants we had a marvelous day. Looks like our new friends will be back to visit soon. For our volunteers and program supporters; THANK YOU! Your support helps make the experiences possible for our amazing veteran participants. We couldn’t do it without you!

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