PHWFF Mufreesboro Goes Back to School

By Marilyn Rogan, Program Lead PHWFF Murfreesboro, TN

The PHWFF Mufressboro, TN Program spent a fun day on the Caney Fork River collecting bugs to study for an entomology class.

“It was a perfect day,” Program Lead Marilyn Rogan said. “Overcast skies, low water, and the participants and volunteers were all excited to be outdoors and to see each other again after a long pandemic year!”

There is nothing more calming and peaceful than the morning mist on the river, the sound of the water rushing by and the call to fish. That was the start of our day and it only got better as the day went on.

phwff mufreesboro program lead marilyn rogan

The volunteers for the day arrived early to set up the tent, place chairs, and prepare the food. Hamburgers, hot dogs, coleslaw, and for dessert, cheesecake, peach cobbled, watermelon, and fresh baked cookies.

“We could hardly wait for lunch,” Rogan laughed. “However, we had to work for our meal. Joel Dean, the instructor, set up his microscope and TV and instructed the class to take their shoeboxes and collect bugs from the river.”

The participants put five gallon paint strainers on their nets for seining the river and they worked great! A canoe was used to take everyone over to an island which had more shallow water to scavenge for bugs.

After the gathering, participants sat down for class as Joel Dean explained which species matched flies they tie, and how and when to use the flies. Rogan said it was very informative, especially for the new participants.

After class, the participants had a break and fired up the grills for lunch.

It was pleasing to the ear to hear all the chatter again. Renewing old acquaintances, meeting new ones. The laughter, excitement, fresh air, being outdoors… all meant for a perfect day.

Marilyn rogan-PHWFF mufreesboro program lead

Lunch was finally served and then the participants headed back to the river for a little fishing before going home. Even a quick afternoon shower didn’t damper the enthusiasm of these fishermen.

“It was just a fun day!”

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