Quilt of Valor Presented to Tennessee Veterans

By Marilyn Rogan

The Quilt of Valor Foundation presented two quilts to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing – Murfreesboro program veterans.  What an honor for William C. Trawick and James L. Short.  The back story for the Quilt of Valor is a touching story, and it bears repeating as it exemplifies our men and women who have served our country in the past, present and future.

James L. Short Receiving his Quilt of Valor

Quilts of Valor Foundation began in 2003 with a dream, literally a dream.

Founder Catherine Roberts’ son Nat was deployed in Iraq and according to Roberts, the dream was as vivid as real life.

“I saw a young man sitting on the side of his bed in the middle of the night, hunched over. The permeating feeling was one of utter despair. I could see his war demons clustered around, dragging him down into an emotional gutter. Then, as if viewing a movie, I saw him in the next scene wrapped in a quilt. His whole demeanor changed from one of despair to one of hope and well-being. The quilt had made this dramatic change. The message of my dream was: Quilts=Healing.”

Roberts said the model appeared simple. She would have a volunteer team who would donate their time and materials to make a quilt.

William C. Trawick Receiving his Quilt of Valor

“I saw the name for this special quilt,” Roberts said. “It was a Quilt of Valor, or a QOV.”

Today’s modern military is comprised of volunteers. Each of them stepped forward to ensure a way of life is protected for their fellow citizens. They give up their freedom, time at home with loved ones, make other sacrifices and ultimately have no guarantee of safety. For me, that is valorous and I am grateful.

Tammany McDaniel- Executive Director Quilts of Valor

Let’s all take the time to thank William Trawick and James Short for their service and congratulate them on receiving this special gift!

  • Marilyn Rogan

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