The Project Healing Waters Spotlight: Frank Stevens – Volunteer

The PHW Spotlight is our way of shining a bright light on those members of our PHW family whose accomplishments and contributions inspire us all. 

These individuals, and their stories, are an essential part of the healing journey happening for Veterans across the country. Project Healing Waters transcends fly fishing and these Spotlights are a glimpse into what is happening throughout our programs. We are honored to share these with you each week.

Frank Stevens – Volunteer

Project Healing Waters Program:

Anchorage, Alaska.

How Long Have You Been Volunteering with Project Healing Waters?

13 Years, since Project Healing Waters first began their programs in Alaska.

What Inspired You To Volunteer with Project Healing Waters?

As a Veteran, I love to help other Veterans.  Plus, I enjoy fly fishing and fly tying.

What Is Your Favorite Activity With Project Healing Waters? Why?

I love our annual fly fishing trip to Tangle Lakes in Central Alaska. It is great to see the success of the program in our Veterans as they learn new skills. It is great to see them catch fish on a rod that they built and with a fly that they tied.  The fellowship is unforgettable and marvelous.

There are some things of which I’ll never tire: sharing skills with Veterans, sharing my love of fishing, and Alaska.

What Do You Look Forward To With Project Healing Waters In The Upcoming Year? Why?

Expanding the program by encouraging our past and current participants to speak with other Veterans about the program.  Also, I would like to explore how we can schedule more small group activities during our short fishing season!

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