This is the week that was … Joe Humphreys, Lots of Flies, 14 vets and a few rods!

Volunteer Matt Seymour from the Coatesville VAMC program provided the following update

On Monday evening 10 area Project Healing Waters participants and volunteers went to see the film, Live The Stream – the enduring story of Joe Humphreys. We went as the guests of Chas Boinske. Chas and his company, Independence Advisors, has generously supported our local PHW programs since the early years. And this event was special indeed.

Joe Humphreys is 90 years young and still manages to crawl through underbrush to ambush unsuspecting trout. Most importantly to Project Healing Waters, Mr. Humphreys has always made time for enthusiastically mentoring our disabled vets. We unabashedly love him.

Yesterday Back At The Ranch, Fourteen veterans and 14 volunteers came together to create some fly fishing mayhem at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Coatesville. Joyous pandemonium followed. 
Just take a long look at the faces. What do you see? Joy? Concentration? Pride? Yep. Come see for yourself.

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