U.S. Airforce Veteran Creates Campaign Ribbon Tributes in St. Louis, MO

Terry Pierce, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Program Lead at the Missouri Veterans Home, St Louis, MO shares an incredible project undertaken by volunteer Roger Tyler in this great local program in our Heartland Region

Roger Tyler, USAF (ret), a volunteer and veteran participant with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing in St Louis, Missouri decided to tie campaign ribbon and medal colors on safety pins that commemorate many of the U.S. Armed Services campaigns and award medals. He made a board to display and label the more popular and current campaign/medal colors.
Here, Roger is showing the board to Willie Warner (U.S. Army ADA Artillery), a resident at the Missouri Veterans Home in St Louis.  Roger made a special ribbon for Willie which he greatly appreciated.  Willie is a regular participant at our fly tying sessions and delights in receiving a new fly.
Roger has also dressed some of the flies with appropriately colored feathers.
Also volunteering at our regular tying sessions are Don Aird (Assistant Program Lead (U.S. Army)), Bill Kelly (U.S. Navy) and Mike Pitchford (U.S. Army).
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