Veterans from the Sepulveda, CA program hit the surf!

Project Healing Waters veterans from the Sepulveda, CA, program were treated to a surf fly fishing outing at Rincon Park beach, on the California coast halfway between Ventura, and Santa Barbara.

Guide, and author (Fly Fishing The Surf), Lee Baermann conducted a surf fly fishing, starting with a talk on understanding the breaking pattern of waves to help locate likely fishing holding spots.

Fishing with heavy sink tip lines, stripping baskets, and weighted fly patterns of Lee’s design, veterans positioned themselves on the sandy beach in water no more than knee deep, and cast just beyond breaking waves. Then it was “strip, strip, strip” (similar to streamer fishing for trout), and hoping for a bit! First timer Chris C was the “man of the morning” catching four nice surf perch. Everyone else caught a goose egg!

Weather conditions were picture perfect for the 7:30 am start, and only improved before the incoming tide ended the session in time to head out for lunch at The Spot in Carpenteria for hamburgers and fries.





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