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Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award

As part of an on-going series of virtual programming on the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. Facebook Page, SGT Lee Barbee, U.S. Army (ret) of Red, White and Blue Flies has been broadcasting live fly tying tutorials each Wednesday evening at 6pm EST to provide the veterans we serve with a continuum of care during these uncertain times .  We’re pleased to share the videos of those tutorials and fly recipes with you below so you can tie at home.  Just scroll down — we’ll be adding new videos and flies regularly!

To join a live broadcast with SGT Barbee, just visit   Despite the physical distance that now separates us due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are together in the pursuit of our mission to heal those who serve.

The Elk Hair Caddis:

  • Hook: Partridge SLD2
  • Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk
  • Body: superfine dry fly dubbing
  • Hackle: Whiting Farms Furnace
  • Wing: Natures Spirit Elk Hair
  • Bone dry over the wraps of thread on the wing

The Deep Clouser Minnow:

Hook: Partridge Predator-X 2/0
Thread: 6/0 nano silk
Weight: Dumbbell eyes
Belly: White buck tail
Flash: silver crystal flash
Back: Olive buck tail
Adherent: Solarez UV Thin

The Hex Mayfly:

  • Hook: Partridge Klinkhammer size 8
  • Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk 18/0
  • Eyes: Mono filament with Solarez Fl. Chartreuse
  • Tail: mallard flank fibers
  • Extended body/ thorax: Semperfli dubbing/ long fiber dubbing
  • Wings: mallard flank
  • Legs: natural peccary
  • Shell back: Solarez Chocolate brown

The Wood Duck Chuck:

  • Hook: Partridge H1A
  • Weight: Tungsten bead in gold or copper
  • Thread: Nano silk
  • Tail: wood duck
  • Body: wood duck
  • Ribbing: black tying wire
  • Thorax: yellow ostrich herl  and natural squirrel dubbing
  • Wing case: Solarez Thin UV Resin
  • Legs: wood duck

The Extended Abdomen Mosquito

  • Hook: Partridge CZF Czech Emerger Hook sz16
  • Thread: 18/0 nano silk in white
  • Abdomen: Solarez Fl. Red and peacock quill
  • Wings: hackle tips
  • Thorax: Chocolate or mahogany dry fly dubbing
  • Wing case: Solarez Chocolate Brown
  • Legs: Double Knee knotted Pheasant Tail fibers
  • Eyes: burned monofilament
  • Proboscis: 1 Coq de Leon fiber
  • Head: chocolate or mahogany dry fly dubbing

Lightening Caddis

    • Hook: Partridge Grab Pupa
    • Thread: Semperfli waxed thread
    • Extended body: 2mm black foam
    • Underbody: Solarez glow in the dark with Solarez Chartreuse mixed
    • Legs: Semperfli double knee knotted Pheasant tail
    • Thorax: squirrel dubbing

Lee Barbee was born in Macon, Georgia and spent 7 years in the U.S. Army with an MOS of 68W (Medic). Lee served along great Infantrymen in 2-8IN, 2BCT, 4ID, at Fort Carson, CO, with a tour down range to RC South Afghanistan. He started a tour in Kandahar province finishing tour in Mya Neshin Province, and served as an Eastern Equine Encephalitis protocol assistant for the Division of Medicine at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease.

“PHWFF has become a major part of my life,” says Barbee, “the sense of comradery amongst volunteers and participants alike made me feel at home. After working with volunteers Al Warner, Ted, Cryblskey, Kiki Galvin, Carl Smolka, Hank Pilcher, and Dick Buback, I immediately began to feel part of a family. They took me in under their wing and showed me a different path to healing. Teaching me the techniques of fly tying and fly fishing gave me a sense of peace that I never felt before. I’m thankful to continue to be a part of this program and amazing organization.”

Following his time as a participant with our Walter Reed, MD program, Lee launched Red White and Blue Flies – a Veteran owned and operated company providing quality, hand-tied flies for the everyday fly angler – and moved to California to attend college with the goal of becoming a Physician Assistant and health care provider. You can find Red White & Blue Flies on Facebook at

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