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Project Healing Waters
2024 Sweepstakes

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Mar – Nov
28th – 12th
Now live, our Project Healing Waters 2024 sweepstakes is a spectacular opportunity to support the cause! You have a chance to win not just this awesome truck, but also other amazing prizes. Plus, you’re lending a hand to our nation’s Veterans as they embark on their healing journey! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Sweepstake Prizes


Whether you’re driving to your favorite wading spot, hauling a drift boat, or dropping a skiff in at the launch, your ride will be the envy of the locals and out-of-towners alike!

  • Black Rhino Hard Alloy Wheels

  • BF Goodrich Tires

  • Decked Drawer System

  • Leitner Rack System

Boulder Boatworks Pro Guide

Fully Loaded High Side Drift Boat and Trailer – We’re not sure whether we like this or the truck more!

  • Black Dog Deluxe Trailer with Tornado Anchor Rest

  • In-Floor Anchor System, Anchor Rope, and 30lb. Tornado Anchor

  • Tornado Anchor 30 lb.

  • Oarsman 70/30 Dry Storage Bench and Rear Dry Storage

  • Sawyer-Smoke Shaft Dynalite Oars

  • Sawyer Spare Oar with Mount

  • Check it out here!


Keep the sun off your back and represent the mission well at the same time!

Get your hands on this limited edition shirt release, designed specifically to echo the adventures of the Project Healing Waters Tundra as it shares our crucial mission around the country.

*shirt production in progress; image does not exactly represent the sunshirts that will be part of the Sweepstakes


Is there such thing as too many hats for a fly angler? We don’t think so.

The latest Project Healing Waters trucker from Richardson is a perfect way to show off your support of a great cause. Keep the sun out of your eyes on your favorite trout stream or your favorite flat or just wear it around town!
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