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george-davisGeorge Davis is a U.S. Navy Veteran. He loves fishing, hiking, cross country ski-ing, kayaking and biking. He has tied flies for more than 30 years. He is an honorary lifetime member of the Spokane Fly Fishing Club. After George lost his sight, he longed to tie flies again — never wanting want to give up one of his favorite hobbies. Project Healing Waters helped and encouraged him to keep tying flies. He now does it all by touch and feel.

And now George is challenging YOU to tie some flies — blindfolded — all in the spirit of FUN and helping the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Spokane Program raise funds to provide fly tying and fly fishing activities for even more Veterans. Join George and other Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing participants at SpringFest 2017 for this great event.

Flies will be judged by a panel of judges and prizes will be awarded. There are 3 levels and you can participate in one, two or all three tying sessions.

To register, contact Sylvia Bach at 208-771-9697.  

Here are some of the guidelines of the Contest:

  • Sign-up prior to May 15th to reserve a seat.
  • Recommended donation: 1 level – $25, 2 levels – $40, all 3 levels – $50
  • Bring your own vise and tools, unless prior arrangements are made with the PHWFF Challenge organizer (limited availability). Materials will be provided.
  • Recipes are provided in advance to “practice” if you choose to.
  • Tie no more than three (3) flies in 60 minutes. While still blindfolded, select what you believe to be your best fly of the three for judging.
  • All participants must remain blindfolded for the duration of the Challenge. Participants will be told when to don blindfolds to start the event. If a participant removes their blindfold, tying is finished for that participant. If the participant has completed more than one fly, they will remain blindfolded to select which fly to be submitted for judging. If no fly has been completed, participant may complete his three flies, but none shall be entered for judging.
  • No coaching from anyone, no peaking and no head cement!
  • No swearing or vulgar language of any kind! Participants will be assessed a $1 donation per violation at the determination of the PHWFF event organizers.
  • Media release must be signed by all participants.
  • Have fun!
    Challenge RecipesSoft Hackle Peacock (Level 1)Hook:       #10-18 Tiemco TMC 3769 wet fly hook or equivalent Thread: Black Uni 8/0 or UTC 70

    Rib: UTC Ultrawire X-Small – copper

    Body: Peacock herl, 3-6 strands

    Hackle: Hungarian Partridge feather or brown saddle hackle


    Bead Head Woolly Bugger (Level 2)

    Hook:      #6-12 Tiemco TMC 5212 streamer hook or equivalent

    Bead:      5/32 or 3/16 (4 – 4.7 mm) gold bead to hook size

    Thread:      Uni 8/0 or UTC 70 color to match body

    Tail:      Marabou to match body color (add strands of flash when tying in)

    Body: Lead wire .020 / chenille – color of choice

    Hackle: Dry Fly Hackle or Whiting Bugger pack sized for the hook – color of choice

    Ribbing: UTC Ultrawire – copper-brown, copper or olive


  • Bead Head Zebra Chronomid (Level 3)Hook:      #12-16 Tiemco TMC 200R nymph hook or equivalentThread:      Black Uni 8/0 or UTC 70Rib:      White Uni 8/0 or UTC 70Body:      Black Uni 8/0 or UTC 70

    Thorax:      Peacock herl

    Bead:      1/8 or 7/64 (3 – 3.5 mm) white or gold bead to hook size

    Gills: White poly yarn or Antron

SpringFest 2017 will take place at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds in Coeur d’Alene, ID on May 20 & 21, 2017.   To register for this great event and contest, email