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We are pleased to announce the winners of The 4th Annual PHWFF Fly Tying Contest! The five finalists attended the International Fly Tying Symposium the weekend of November 19, 2016 at which time an awards ceremony was held announcing the winners. In addition to the amazing opportunity to travel to, and attend, the International Fly Tying Symposium, the finalists selected as winners received great prizes from our friends at Regal Vise.

While attending the two day symposium the finalists were able to demonstrate their fly tying skills at the PHWFF booth, attend the many free programs offered during the event, and to meet, and learn from, the professional tiers assembled for the event.  The group was joined by PHWFF Board Member and New England Deputy Regional Coordinator Richard Diamond and Chief Executive Officer, Todd Desgrosseilliers

“The PHWFF Fly Tying contest plays an important role in the complete program we deliver to our participants.  The announcement and recognition for ours winners at the International Fly Tying Symposium enables them to demonstrate their ability and to meet and mingle with the world’s best fly tying professionals.  A once in a lifetime experience for many and a very positive part of the physical and emotional recovery process.” – CEO Todd Desgrosseilliers

Legendary angler and fly tier Bob Clouser spent some time with the 5 Fly Tying Contest Finalists and PHWFF leadership on Saturday


Finalist James Scott, PHWFF Chattanooga TN Program, showcasing his fly tying skills at the PHWFF Booth


Finalist Bob Simonovich, PHWFF Akron Ohio Program, tying the “Durham Ranger” salmon fly with renowned fly tier Paul Hameleers


And now, we’re pleased to announce the winners of The 4th Annual PHWFF Fly Tying Contest

1st place 
James Scott
Signal Mountain TN  ( PHWFF Chattanooga TN Program )

2nd place
Barry Silverman
Aurora CO   (PHWFF Rocky Mountain South Region)

3rd place 
John Warland
Mt Pleasant  SC   (PHWFF Charleston SC  Program)

Honorable Mention
    David Arena
Virginia Beach VA  (PHWFF Tidewater VA Program)

Honorable Mention 
Robert Simonovich
Clinton, OH   (PHWFF Akron, OH Program)


L to R:  John Warland, Barry Silverman, Todd Desgrosseilliers, Richard Diamond, James Scott, David Arena, Robert Simonovich

Click here to view the flies they submitted >>

“The quality of the flies entered in the 2016 tying contest  just keep getting better and better.  This coming year you will have almost a full year to hone your skills, so start getting ready, let’s make it tough on the judges in 2017”Richard Diamond, Fly Tying Contest Organizer, PHWFF Board Member, and New England Deputy Regional Coordinator

The Fly Tying Contest is way for PHWFF program participants to showcase the skills, talents, and creativity garnered from program classes, meetings, and independent study in a casual, fun contest.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this great contest and our congrats to all the winners.  We’re looking forward to next year!