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Not many people have heard of Righty Tightlines. Even fewer have had the pleasure of meeting him.

Righty Tightlines, or RT, as his friends call him, is from the southern shore of Lake Erie, in the middle of Steelhead Alley, Ohio. He was born in fishing waders and with a fly rod in his hand during the height of the pandemic.

The brain child of Tony M., volunteer for the Willoughby Program of PHWFF, Righty Tightlines is a cut out cartoon that was created to make feel programs feel connected back before they were able to meet in person again. Willoughby Program Lead Diane Wantz loved the idea and started reaching out to volunteers, participants, and employees alike to plan his itinerary.

Much like the traveling gnome, RT has been on different adventures with different programs throughout the year, and has reported back with pictures and stories.

One of the first trips he took was to Montauk State Park in Salem, Missouri.

St. Louis volunteer Benjamin Tutt picked up RT and headed out for an exciting adventure.

Righty Tightlines with Participant Ben Tutt

Ben and RT set up camp, and made their way to the Montauk Fish Hatchery to learn a little more about the trout they raise!

After learning about the hatchery, and exploring the area, RT and Tutt returned to camp, made dinner, and shared fishing stories. (We think RT may have made some of them up.)

The next day, Tutt and RT headed up to the lodge early to get their trout tags and the fishing was already looking promising due to the mayfly hatch!

Tutt and RT wandered around the beautiful Missouri park, looking for the right fishing hole. They were able to learn about proper handling and releasing of fish, and after a few blunders, RT caught his first fish!

After his time with Tutt, RT packed his stuff, and was shipped home to Ohio to await his next adventure.

To learn more about Righty Tightlines, or to take him on an adventure, please visit PHWFF Willoughby Program.

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