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The PHW Spotlight is our way of shining a bright light on those members of our PHW family whose accomplishments and contributions inspire us all. 

These individuals, and their stories, are an essential part of the healing journey happening for Veterans across the country. Project Healing Waters transcends fly fishing and these Spotlights are a glimpse into what is happening throughout our programs. We are honored to share these with you each week.

It is only fitting, as we continue through National Volunteer Week, that we take this week to highlight one of our invaluable volunteers!

Brandon Rudisill – Volunteer

Project Healing Waters Program:

Clarksburg, West Virginia.

How Long Have You Been Volunteering with Project Healing Waters?

I have been volunteering with Project Healing Waters for 8 years.

What Inspired You To Volunteer with Project Healing Waters?

In 2015 I was introduced to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing by a coworker who volunteered with the organization. As a Veteran myself, I have always been passionate about issues affecting Veterans and Project Healing Waters was a perfect intersection of fly fishing and helping Veterans in need. 

What Is Your Favorite Activity With Project Healing Waters? Why?

I enjoy all of activities that we do with Project Healing Waters. For me, being part of the community that we have created through the programs is my favorite part of being a volunteer.

What Do You Look Forward To With Project Healing Waters In The Upcoming Year? Why?

The Thornwood Regional Outing is the one event that I most look forward to each year. This event draws participants and volunteers from programs up and down the East Coast, and sometimes even further away, to one of the most beautiful parts of West Virginia for a full weekend of fishing, education, and community. It is fantastic to see that many people gathered in one place all working toward the same goal.

The PHW Spotlight will publish each Friday morning on www.projecthealingwaters.org. Learn more about this inspiring series HERE

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