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The PHW Spotlight is our way of shining a bright light on those members of our PHW family whose accomplishments and contributions inspire us all. 

These individuals, and their stories, are an essential part of the healing journey happening for Veterans across the country. Project Healing Waters transcends fly fishing and these Spotlights are a glimpse into what is happening throughout our programs. We are honored to share these with you each week.

Peter Stitcher – Supporter


Ascent Fly Fishing

Company Social Media:

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Littleton, Colorado

Waterways Guided/Location Served:

Custom fly selections for the entirety of North America

Project Healing Waters Programs Supported:

We have provided custom fly selections, matching the hatches and life cycles on the waters on which the Denver Program fish, for over 7 years.  On good years we’ll supply flies for up to 50 trips and hundreds of vets.

How Long Have You Been Supporting Project Healing Waters?

Since 2016

What Inspired You To Support Project Healing Waters?

I personally have found healing, community, renewed faith, and deep friendship on the water.  For all that our Veterans have given for us, it is an absolute pleasure to support them and equip them to find the same on the water!

What Is Your Favorite Activity With Project Healing Waters? Why?

I enjoy the Father’s Day fishing trips as they allow my kids the opportunity to interact with and fish with the Veterans as well!

What Do You Look Forward To With Project Healing Waters In The Upcoming Year? Why?

I look forward to returning to Denver Program meetings and teaching entomology and match-the-hatch classes to the Veterans again.

Here’s a bit more about Peter Stitcher and Ascent Fly Fishing:

Peter Stitcher is an Aquatic Biologist and the CFG (Chief Fly Geek) at Ascent Fly Fishing and River Oracle Inc.  As a biologist, Peter works in the assessment, restoration, and management of trophy trout waters across the Western US.   Approaching the sport of fly fishing through the lens of a biologist, Peter strives to break down the sciences of entomology, fish feeding behavior, fish vision, and habitat use in order to help the fly angler think like a fish, and fish like a pro.  At Ascent, we invite you to have a beer on the house as we help you match the hatch, fill in the holes in your fly box, and allow us to share some of our favorite fishing spots with you!

The PHW Spotlight will publish each Friday morning on Learn more about this inspiring series HERE

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