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Veteran participants of our Chattanooga, TN Program recently ventured to Tickanetley Creek near Ellijay, GA the weekend of November 4th for a few fantastic days of trout fishing and camaraderie.  Program Lead Ross Schweinforth shares the details of this outstanding experience below.

The program prepared for their outing on Tickanetley Creek (and a separate outing on Tellico Creek) with a great fly tying class to get everyone’s boxes stocked up. Volunteers David Ligon and Kevin Lagoo led a couple tying demonstrations on the Tellico Nymph and the San Juan Worm.

You can view complete photos from this great weekend by visiting Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing – Chattanooga, TN Program on Facebook

Eight veterans from our program had quite the fishing outing on Tickanetley Creek this past weekend in the mountains outside Ellijay, Georgia. Since two groups of four veterans each fished on Sunday and Monday, and we’ll highlight each pairing below. The weather was outstanding for fishing …. relatively cool, overcast, misty, only an occasional rain drop or two. The two guides were excellent both days. The drive to Ellijay was gorgeous with fall colors. Apparently a lot of other people thought the same thing as they were “leaf peeping” on their way to the annual Apple Festival in the area. Several of our group took advantage of the opportunity and stocked up on some apples and fried pies. Fortunately we had TV service on Saturday evening for the football games. Wayne and Alex truly enjoyed their trip and caught some good, stout fish. This one from Alex mid-morning after he caught a sweet rainbow – “I’ve enjoyed fly fishing up to this point. Now I’m going to mark today on my calendar that this is the day I became addicted to it!”

More from Tickanetley Creek near Ellijay ….. highlighting Tim and Ron today. Both of these guys fished hard. Actually they fished with a passion, thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and caught some pretty fish. Wish I had audio to share of the whoops and hollers which was a clear signal there was a fish on. This is what Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is about …… monthly meetings (meat and potatoes), outings (dessert), catching a nice trout on a fly (icing on the dessert).

Here’s some more from Tickanetley Creek near Ellijay ….. starring Greg and Henry. Rods got bent a good bit for these guys as well. Both of them caught beautiful fish. One in particular had a distinct kype, …. the upward hook on the tip of the lower jaw in some trout and salmon males before spawning. Lew and Garner, our guides from Cohutta Fishing Company, were excellent in working with our veterans to get them on fish

Here are the last pics from Tickanetley Creek. Garner took Ben and James downstream about a ½ mile or so and put them on some great fish. Of course, the guys upstream were onto some nice ones as well, but that did not deter anything from Ben and James. They took full advantage of the lesser fished water and enjoyed every minute. When all was said and done, this trip for eight veterans over two days in a mountain stream was top notch. Hard to beat a cool fall day with full leaf color, fly rod in hand, in a mountain stream that gently and soothingly speaks to you, and having a direct connection to feisty brown and rainbow trout that are released to live another day.